DM Studio

DM Studio’s Services

We provide audio/visual recording services to musicians and others using our recording facilities and our remote recording capability. This includes the capability of providing the client with a video recording of the recording date. We can accommodate up to 4 ensembles, from soloist to a 4 group orchestra. We can provide film scoring services, audio recording, mixing, and mastering services and we can provide files to the client in many format.

Products & Services

Divine Minds is a Media House into the production of multimedia services. The Organization has gained relevant experience over some period. Our core services include

1. Audiovisual Production,
2. Music Recordings
3. Jingles & Voice Over
4. Film Sound Tracks
5. Audio Consultancy
6. Music Videos
7. Movie & TV Commercials
8. Church Sound & Studio Set-Up
9. Mixing & Mastering
10. Studio Photoshoots
11. Studio Rentals & Bookings
12. Live / Multitrack Recording
13. Workshops & Training
14. Instrument Sales, Installation & After Sales Servicing
15. Instrument Rentals


We have isolation possibilities and an acoustically refined and scientifically designed recording and mixing space capable of world class recording services. Our equipment is state of the art, our staff is professionally trained and experienced, and our services are extensive and reasonably priced. Our facilities are available for rent on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. Divine Minds Rekords plans to differentiate itself from other recording studios by offering a diverse array of professional level services at a greatly reduced price to clientele nationwide.

Studio Booking